Life with Max Part 6 - Cat on an Asphalt Roof

Chapter Six – Cat on an Asphalt Roof

Mercifully spring finally arrived and Max was allowed to roam around the yard and learn the ropes of being outdoors. He scampered out the door every morning and investigated the fence line. I always let him and Eloise out right after getting out of bed so they could get some fresh air before I went to work and brought them back inside for the day. The weather was frosty but there was no snow anymore.

Hanging out with Our House Now a Home

Happy Friday!! Today I'm over visiting with Emily from Our House Now a Home on her "Share Your Space" series.  Pop over and say hello!

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Turquoise Hutch

Another day, another dining room makeover!  After I scored my new linen drapes a few weeks back, the one thing in my dining room that stuck out like a sore thumb was the colour I painted my hutch last year...   Although I love the way the hutch turned out, that shade of grey/green just did NOT work with the wall colour.

It also didn't fit with the rest of my decor, so guess what?  I painted it again!!  In aqua.  I have an awful lot of  aqua paint on hand...

How to Install New Doorknobs

Hello!  I am thrilled to bits with my latest upgrade - lever doorknobs for my interior doors!!

My very first home had lever doorknobs and I loved the ease of them.  So much better than knobs for those times when your hands are full.  I love the look of them as well.

My latest house has mismatched doorknobs throughout.  The original, 1930s house has glass doorknobs which I kept.  The new part of the house had chrome knobs and every time I opened or closed a door my knuckles would bang against the door frame.  Curses!!!  Thanks to my partnership with D. Lawless Hardware, I was able to install gorgeous lever doorknobs from a manufacturer called Copper Creek in a  Tuscan bronze finish that matches most of my light fixtures and the kitchen hardware.

Beautiful New Entry - Part 1

Last winter I had moisture issues in my front entry which is a covered porch that someone enclosed somewhere along the way.  I've actually had issues for the last few winters but couldn't figure out exactly what was causing them until this past winter...

What's been happening is that the ceiling would leak water.  There's an attic vent to the outside that would frost over when the temps dropped during the coldest months.  I thought it was air leaking through my door and focused on weatherstripping and sealing, but that wasn't it.


I knew something had to be done when puddles appeared again in February this year, so last month I tore down the ceiling.  My beautiful, 85 year old tongue & groove original fir ceiling.  Wah!   What I found was a complete lack of insulation behind the 6" trim boards which clad the upper portion of the walls, no vapour barrier and someone had thrown extra insulation into the attic space which had completely covered the soffit vents.  This was a recipe for disaster!!!

Simple Changes for a Summery Cottage Style Look

This weekend I made some very simple and effective changes to my living and dining room that really ramped up the cottage style look I love so much.

I had two lucky breaks to kick things off - first I scored 3 sets of creamy white Ikea Aina linen drapes for a total price of $15 at a yard sale (WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!).  Thanks to the stitch witchery that Ikea loves so much, it was easy to pull the hems apart and re-iron them to the length I wanted.